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Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH

Organisation Introduction

The VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research GmbH is Europe’s largest R&D center for virtual vehicle technology with more than 300 employees. Research priority is the linking of numerical simulations and hardware testing, which leads to a powerful HW-SW whole system design and automation of testing and validation procedures. Following this focus on industry-related research VIRTUAL VEHICLE is the innovation catalyst for future vehicle technologies.

The international partner network of VIRTUAL VEHICLE consists of around 100 national and international industrial partners (OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers as well as software providers) as wel as over 40 national and international scientific institutions.


The XL-Connect project offers a large-scale system approach for advanced charging solutions. For more than 15 years, VIRTUAL VEHICLE is doing research in the field of e-mobility and infrastructure. Thus, we are capable of adding valuable expertise related to energy management, digital twins and the investigation of the user behavior into the XL-Connect project. With our overall goal to support the climate neutrality goals for 2040. In the field of Green Digital Mobility VIRTUAL VEHICLE has global USPs to offer.


The core element for the XL-CONNECT predictive energy management is the established Co-simulation platform from Virtual Vehicle ICOS, which proved it’s capabilities for mobile applications. For XL-Connect the system boundaries have been extended beyond the vehicle to the infrastructure side, with the following key elements: prediction to grid load, prediction of renewables, prediction of energy consumption of EV, Advanced charging technologies, sector coupling, storage concepts.

Next to the coordination of the XL-Connect project, one of the main research tasks of Virtual Vehicle is the investigation and modelling of the charging behavior of EV users/owners as well as fleet operators. Further, a digital twin of an industrial site including a parking lot for electric vehicles will be built up. There, these models for the user behavior will be applied and the energy management of this industrial site will be analysed and improved.

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“With the digital twins that will be built up in XL-Connect the influence of different parameters (e.g. different incentives to users) on smart & bidirectional can be investigated with the goal to maximize the benefits for all involved stakeholders.”

Project progress


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