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University of West Bohemia

Organisation Introduction

The University of West Bohemia (UWB) in Pilsen is foremost a technical university that is rooted in strong collaboration with local industry partners. The university comprises over 11k students 9 faculties and 4 research centers. As a research highlight of UWB, about 250 researchers are carrying out the core mission of the NTIS Research Centre, i.e. applied research, development in the strategic research directions such as information and communication technologies, power systems and mechatronic technologies, supported by mathematical-physical modeling. Participating in XL-Connect is the Faculty of Applied Sciences comprising the New Technologies for Information Society European Centre for Excellence and within it the Lab for Advanced Power Systems (LAPS).


LAPS regularly partners with local electrical system companies in developing system tools for network analysis and operation. LAPS focuses on the application layer of network technologies aimed at efficient utilisation of new sensor technologies and decision support in operational as well as business transactions. The LAPS has developed modelling and simulation tools mapping potential renewable energy installations on the regional background of traditional sources, energy forecasts, and energy consumption. The European decarbonization strategies and environmental targets bring sigificant challenges to power system domain. The secure integration of massive volume of electromobility into power systems stands for one of the major challanges, which implies significant needs for innovative solutions. The project XL-Connect  offers the unique opportunity to cooperatetion between industrial sector adn reseach domain in order to develop higly innovative tools solving significant societal challange.


The LAPS focuses on the development of the simulation, calculation and evaluation tools assessing grid extension scenarios with the consideration of massive EV/V2G penetration. These tools will be utilized in the test cases considering voltage levels, geographic area, various load profiles and other aspects  in order to assessment of energy adequacy (primary energy supply)  and power adequacy (grid congestions/reinforcements) under mass deployment of EV/V2G.

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“The XL-Connect helps us to increase our knowledge and effectively harvest our research potential to develop highly innovative tools enabling secure integration of massive volume of EVs into power networks.”

Project progress


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