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Fried v. Neuman GmbH

Organisation Introduction

Neuman Aluminium Group specializes in development and manufacturing of high-quality aluminium components. As an organisation, we are structured into four technology divisions: Casting and Slug Production, Direct Extrusion, Impact Extrusion and Roof Systems. The family-owned company, headquartered in Marktl, Austria, produces at eight locations in Europe, North America and Asia and supplies various industries, including automotive and construction industries, electrical engineering and safety technology sector as well as the packaging industry. More than 2,700 employees worldwide work on developing sustainable mobility and improving the quality of life with aluminium solutions that are creative, functional and environmentally friendly. Neuman Aluminium Group is led by Fried. v. Neuman GmbH and is part of CAG Holding.


As global experts in aluminum forming and processing, our vision is to drive the development of sustainable mobility and improve the quality of life with innovative, creative and functional aluminum solutions.

As a manufacturing company, we depend on the use of large amounts of energy, mainly in the form of gas and electricity. Efficient use of energy is absolutely necessary from an economic point of view. We owe avoidance of emissions to society and the next generation.

To improve the environmental impacts of energy use, we focus on the source of energy and are commited to our CO2 footprint. Part of our electricity already comes from our own hydropower plants and photovoltaic systems. Additional electricity required comes 100% from hydropower. We are constantly looking into ways to become even more energy sufficient and at the same time work on solutions to increase the efficiency of energy systems and energy usage. XL Connext is a perfect opportunity to look into energy data more detailed and in a broader perspective. With Horizon XL we can explore the application of innovative smart charging concepts in the real world and can further reduce energy consumption and CO2 footprints.


As a manufacturer of energy and aluminium products we explore the economic application of smart energy concepts, especially power to heat. Through detailed analysis of our own energy production and energy consumption data, together with Virtual Vehicle Center research (VIV) potentials are identified and future concepts including expansion of renewable energy production, the use of smart charging technologys, utilization of large parking areas and application of battery storage are worked on.

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“The Horizon XL project explores ways to innovate and improve energy systems, making it an excellent opportunity for those involved to contribute to meaningful advancements in energy sustainability and efficiency.”

Project progress


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