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Mycroft Mind, a.s.

Organisation Introduction

Mycroft Mind is a Czech software company founded in 2007.

Our aim is to deliver and build a portfolio of innovative systems for processing and analysing the new era of big data collected from new sources intelligent smart grids or IoT (Internet of Things). Since January 2023, we have been a member of TTC Group, a Czech investment group primarily operating in modern technologies and real estate.


Mycroft Mind has long focused on the analysis and modelling of low voltage networks. The XL-Connect project fits perfectly into our company’s objectives and will allow us to expand our portfolio. We expect to use and adapt our models for generating various expected scenarios of low voltage grid segments with various level of EV charging penetration and various behaviour of prosumers.


At Mycroft Mind, we will prepare a data generator able to generate various types of locations with various scenarios of electromobility development and also complex and realistic scenarios of planned or expected demand and storage capacities of e-cars.

Generated models will contain several layers:

  1. low voltage grid topology (substations, connection points, consumption points)
  2. location settlement (urban / rural, houses, block of flats, administrative buildings, industry,…)
  3. e-mobility related infrastructure (public / private charging stations), batteries, e-car used in modelled area (private, fleet, industry, vessels)
  4. scenarios consumption behaviour (consumption/production behaviour of consumers)
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“The results will contribute to our other commercial solutions for low voltage grid energy flows optimizations, especially for energy communities and municipalities.”

Project progress


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