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IFP Energies Nouvelles

Organisation Introduction

IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) is a major research and training player in the fields of energy, transport and the environment. From scientific concepts within the framework of fundamental research, through to technological solutions in the context of applied research, innovation is central to its activities, hinged around four strategic directions: climate, environment and circular economy – renewable energies – sustainable mobility – responsible oil and gas.

As part of the public-interest mission with which it has been tasked by the public authorities, IFPEN focuses its efforts on bringing solutions to the challenges facing society and industry in terms of energy and the climate, to support the ecological transition. An integral part of IFPEN, IFP School, its graduate engineering school, prepares future generations to take up these challenges.


The XL Connect project, focusing on the optimization of the entire multidirectional charging and discharging chain – from energy provision to the end user, aligns well with IFPEN’s objectives and expertise. IFPEN is committed to advancing sustainable energy solutions and promoting sustainable mobility. By participating in this project, IFPEN can leverage its research capabilities and knowledge in powertrains and sustainable mobility to develop innovative charging algorithms that optimize the charging process for electric vehicles. This aligns with IFPEN’s goal of driving technological advancements in the energy sector and supporting the transition to cleaner and more sustainable transportation systems, ultimately contributing to the overall energy transition and environmental sustainability.


IFPEN’s activities in XL Connect include developing advanced eco-charging approaches by optimizing charging point selection, routing, and charging quantities. Their focus is on grid-friendly charging schedules that maximize renewable energy utilization and enhance grid stability. These strategies will be integrated into the overall control framework. IFPEN’s contributions will be fine-tuned through demonstrations, and the output will be the development of optimization and control strategies.


“At IFPEN, our participation in the XL Connect project enables us to contribute our expertise in developing advanced eco-charging approaches, supporting the transition to sustainable mobility.”

Project progress


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