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Organisation Introduction

FEV currently employs 7300 highly qualified specialists in customer-oriented development centers at more than 40 locations on five continents.

FEV is a globally leading engineering and digital mobility company. Together with our customers, we are shaping the future of the mobility sector for carbon-neutral and efficient, connected, and safe transportation.

Our expertise includes intelligent software and sustainable propulsion system development, as well as full vehicle engineering. Additionally, our range of services includes sophisticated systems engineering, cyber physical system development, software- and E/E-integration for software defined vehicles with highly automated and safe driving functionalities as well as vehicle integration.

Future mobility has to provide a contribution to climate protection. FEV keeps an eye on the overall system – from the battery to the vehicle to the charging infrastructure.

Having the world’s largest development and testing center for various types of battery modules, we can offer almost all types of electrical tests.


FEV’s goal is to develop new and innovative concepts in the field of E-mobility and Energy. This includes the development of smart charging strategies and their application in the real world. In the XL-Connect project, FEV has the opportunity to investigate this topic extensively and precisely in order to further advance electromobility in Europe. XL-Connect will allow us to gain more experience in the field of bidirectional charging and the necessary communication between the different actors. This knowledge can also be applied in the real-world demonstration.

FEV already has a lot of experience with electric vehicles and batteries and can contribute this knowledge to the project.


FEV will develop charging point models with multiple charging stations, including local renewable energy sources such as PV. Not only the physical correlations will be modeled but also the information flow between the different agents of the charging point. This will be integrated in a digital twin.

FEV will be involved in building a real-world demonstrator in Aachen in order to show the communication structure which is necessary for bidirectional charging.

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“The XL-Connect project helps us to investigate the smart charging behavior of electric vehicles in more detail and to implement this knowledge in demonstration vehicles.”

Project progress


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