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Organisation Introduction

Estra is a company born in Tuscany and grown in the Marche region, from the union of local utilities with total public participation that have been operating since 1975. We have grown rapidly through acquisitions and aggregations to become today one of the top ten industrial groups for gas and electricity sales, gas and LPG distribution, energy efficiency and renewables, fiber connectivity and activities in the environmental cycle. Estra Group works at national level, through subsidiaries and with approximately 800 employees, with a presence of particular importance in Central and Southern Italy. We have strong roots and believe in the same values as always, but our gaze is constantly on the challenges of the future.


Estra, in its Strategic Plan, focuses on the essentiality of people, climate change, and technological transition: trajectories that cross the main objectives of the XL-Connect project, with a view to providing environmental, economic and social benefits at the community level, to its members or to the local areas in which it operates. In its mission and value system, Estra reports objectives in line with the context of this project, as it positions itself as an operator capable of combining technology and sustainability at the service of cities and the territory and as a reference and accessible subject for dialogue strategic and operational with local authorities.


In XL Connect Estra will have to assess the future of user-centered electric mobility by providing and processing historical data of public charging points for the characterization of user needs, and will have to match these needs for future user-centered electric mobility with economic exploitation of energy. Estra will also collaborate with the University of Florence on the organizational and authorization processes for the installation of the columns for the real-world demonstration.

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“Thanks to the XL-Connect project, we want to take up the challenges of a world in transition and turn them into services for territory and citizens.”

Project progress


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