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Organisation Introduction

E-REDES is part of EDP Group and Portugal’s incumbent DSO (accounting for 97% of the market with more than 6 million customers). One of E-REDES main goals is to enable the integration of renewable generation into the distribution grid and support increased energy efficiency in consumption. In light of this, E-REDES has been building on its innovation strategy during the last decade, increasing its participation in European projects, reaching nearly 20 projects.


E-REDES is an electricity distributor within the electricity industry sector and a stakeholder in balancing potential peak electricity loads due to wind or solar energy. It has also interest in a high(er)-level grid stability which will be achieved by reaching XL-Connect goal of developing optimal smart charging technologies that are related to charging and control strategies to enable the use of millions of EVs in different environments and maximise drivers’ satisfaction, energy system efficiency, increase renewable energy use, minimise grid reinforcements and energy exchange needs.


Among the main responsibilities assigned to E-REDES are:

  • Identification of the implications of electric mobility for the system
  • Integration of EV charging involved entities with the grid, including the extension of the UMEI concept
  • Implementation of the national demonstrator
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“XL-CONNECT is about creating fair, transparent, and open conditions for the consumer approach that will be the basis for the development of new innovative services in the energy market. E-REDES aims to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, so this project is related to our company’s core values and mission.”

Project progress


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