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Avesta Battery and Energy Engineering

Organisation Introduction

ABEE, Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering, is a Belgium-based engineering company specializing in battery and energy technologies for e-mobility and stationary applications. Established in 2019, ABEE offers a diverse range of services to support industries in developing customized solutions throughout the entire battery lifecycle, from materials to recycling. With expertise in solid-state battery development and prototyping, ABEE provides innovative battery system design solutions. we also excel in advanced thermal management solutions and employ multi-scale modeling techniques to optimize performance. ABEE conducts comprehensive battery testing from materials to modules and leverages artificial intelligence to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Moreover, ABEE conducts market studies focused on energy storage and recycling, providing valuable insights to clients. The company also offers training and consultancy services, ensuring that businesses can maximize the potential of energy storage technologies. With its multidisciplinary approach and dedication to innovation, ABEE plays a vital role in advancing battery and energy technologies globally.


The XL Connect project aligns perfectly with the activities and expertise of Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering (ABEE). As a company specializing in battery and energy technologies, ABEE has the necessary knowledge and capabilities to contribute significantly to the objectives of XL Connect.

The project aims to optimize the charging chain and create a ubiquitous on-demand charging solution considering various factors. ABEE’s expertise in battery system design, advanced thermal management, and multi-scale modeling will be instrumental in developing an optimized charging network. They can provide valuable insights into the technical aspects of charging infrastructure and ensure efficient energy flow throughout the chain.

ABEE’s extensive capabilities in battery technologies, energy systems, and optimization make them a vital contributor to the XL Connect project. Their expertise will help drive innovation, create synergies between different sectors, and ultimately establish a robust and efficient charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.


ABEE’s involvement in the XL Connect project focuses on demonstrating optimal smart charging, bidirectional energy flow, and cross-sector mutual benefits. They aim to integrate electric vehicles, renewable energy systems, and storage with the electricity grid, showcasing the potential of sector coupling. By utilizing various energy sources, ABEE aims to enable small-scale renewable energy generation and prove the capability of aggregated EVs to act as power system regulators through V2G services. Furthermore, ABEE strive for a 20% improvement in energy efficiency, a 10% reduction in power loss, and a 2% enhancement in power quality, thus optimizing the overall performance of the charging chain.

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‘’The XL Connect project is an exciting opportunity for ABEE to demonstrate our expertise in smart charging, bidirectional energy flow, and sector coupling, enabling us to contribute to the advancement of renewable energy integration and optimize the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.’’

Project progress


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