The XL-CONNECT Coffee break: get to know Joan Carles Artigau

Joan Carles Artigau’s background is in Electronic Engineering at the University of Tarragona in Spain. He is the Innovation and Heavy-Duty Project Manager within the EV Charging department at IDIADA Automotive Technology. He has more than 5 years of experience in the automotive field, focusing his expertise on interoperability, conformance, and certification of light and heavy-duty charging solutions.

What was your original motivation to become a researcher/project manager?
Being researcher of innovation projects and specially when your efforts contribute to the evolution of your company is a good opportunity to be motivated and be part of a bigger challenge by developing the current and future charging technologies.

What is your (main) research area today?
My dedication at IDIADA is mainly on the innovation and electric heavy-duty projects side. Currently, I am involved in the management and technical aspects of conformance, interoperability, and certification of light and heavy-duty charging aspects in collaboration with a great team of experts.

What is the main focus of your team in XL-CONNECT?
IDIADA is leading one of the key working groups, which is dedicated to assessing, designing, developing and validating different V2G charging solutions, that will be deployed across the several demonstration locations in Europe. In order to do so, IDIADA team is developing a new V2G charging test emulator, which will be used as the counterpart of the V2G solutions developed.

From all your activities within the project, what are you the most proud of/keen to share with the public?
With the most recent version of the ISO 15118 standard series, a future-proof communication standard for charging electric vehicles (EVs), we expect to start testing soon. The goal of ISO 15118-20 is to become the standard that supports all use cases for electric vehicles (EVs), including cars, bikes, trucks, buses, ships, and airplanes.

How do you expect the XL-CONNECT results will impact your organisation?
IDIADA is very proud of participating in EU projects, since they consistently have a significant influence and enhance the quality of services provided to our main customers, who are all in the automotive industry. XL-CONNECT project will improve and give a value-added service to our charging testing solutions, incorporating the latest V2G technologies developments.

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